• David Betts | Blot

    Discover the Pizza Pit — The story behind Moscow’s underground music venue

    Monday, May 4, 2015

    The small, boxy house on North Jackson Street appears quiet from the outside. But on the inside, people mill around from room to room as they wait for Toyboat Toyboat Toyboat, a band from Portland, to finish setting up in the garage.

  • Amelia C. Warden | Blot

    Unity through motion — Multicultural Greek members create community in step crew

    Monday, May 4, 2015

    It’s the moment before the performance starts: thoughts slow down, heart beats speed up and muscles prepare to execute movements from memory. Focus is vital and confidence is key. For University of Idaho sophomore Marielena Vega, it’s the connection between performers that makes the dances performed by multicultural sororities and fraternities special. The multicultural Greek groups are the only organizations at UI to perform stepping, strolling and saluting — variations of dance originally derived from African-American fraternities and sororities. Historic African-American sororities and fraternities, known…

  • David Betts | Blot

    Smart Drug Science — A pill designed for increased intelligence

    Monday, May 4, 2015

    Pressure to perform well on exams and obtain higher and higher education degrees has made a niche market for “smart drugs” among college students. Morgan Cain knows the pressure well. Cain, a senior journalism student, was diagnosed with adult attention deficit disorder after his freshman year of college and was prescribed Adderall.


Cydnie Gray | Blot

Feeling the pressure — Athletes have high pressure to perform in competition

The loud smack of her body hitting the water after a 3-meter dive wasn’t something Mairin Jameson wanted to feel and it wasn’t something her coaches wanted to hear. The fact she had just flopped the dive for the second straight time made matters worse.

Caden Fields-Brown | Blot

The joy in a journey

They called him “the tally master” on a fishing boat in Alaska because of how well he could count the different species of fish. On the University of Idaho campus, he’s just known as Ray Blair. Blair, a single parent of four sons, said he first began working at UI as a chef for Sodexo five years ago.

Jackson Flynn | Blot

Connecting and creating

Toby’s enthusiasm for art had faltered. Thankfully, rekindling his love was as simple as picking up a paintbrush again.


Kadin McGreevy Age: 21 Major: Bachelor of Fine Arts Performance and Directing Hometown: Moscow, population 24,534 Favorite food?  Padeceu with tofu. Pet peeve? There was this guy wearing a Gonzaga sweatshirt. I really like Gonzaga, and I was making all these references …. This guy had no idea. You can’t wear the memorabilia of a team and not be able to understand references to it. Dream job?  I think to be a director of theater worth seeing. Innovative theater. Not Broadway …. Something that challenges…

David Betts | Blot

The perks of bartending in a college town

The light decorates the walls behind the bar Jordan Purkapile tends at John’s Alley Tavern. He moves quickly, but pauses briefly to engage patrons and receives compliments for his attentiveness. 

Caden Fields | Blot

One match, one passion — Grounded in history with a bright future

“I can start a fire with one match.” 

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