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    Soil Stewards fast at work

    Monday, May 5, 2014

    Top Romen and pizza are often a staple for college students, but University of Idaho ecology student Brita Olson, prefers a closer connection to her food. “I care about the environment and I care about the food I put in my body,” said Olson, who also serves as Soil Stewards president. “The Soil Stewards is a community that celebrates both of those things.” About 30 volunteers, mostly UI students, manage the Soil Stewards organic farm. When they aren’t on the farm or in the greenhouse,…

  • zombies_0005


    Monday, May 5, 2014

    3 p.m., April 1, 2014: Day 3 of the Infection Olivia Moreno left the Janssen Engineering Building beneath a periwinkle sky as students milled about in shorts and vibrant sun dresses. But Moreno’s close friend had been killed by the Original Zombie earlier that morning, so she and others were on their guard. The cohort reached the stairs just in time to witness three humans ambushed by a horde of 10 zombies — no survivors. A member of the horde spotted Moreno and her companions,…

  • Asbestos

    Above the ceiling

    Sunday, May 4, 2014

      Dead bugs lay visible in the light fixtures, the water-stained ceiling tiles are unmoved and fire alarm cables protrude from the walls along the halls of the College of Education building, all due to asbestos. The building was constructed in 1968 — at the peak of asbestos use, said Raymond Pankopf, director of architectural and engineering services at the University of Idaho. He said asbestos was a popular, high-performing, fire-resistant insulator with no known dangers. “There are a lot of materials in that building…


Comic created by Austin Shane Wellner.

Small life

Illustrated by Austin Shane Wellner

Behind the shot: firefighters

Produced by Cy Whitling 


In the flesh

Nudism, as a way of life, has flashed across the big screen in films such as “Eurotrip” and “Wanderlust” since the 1960s. But like most things, nudism in real life is different than nudism in Hollywood. “If I go to the grocery store, generally I will be wearing something to the grocery store,” Margie Cantlon said. “Going to church, we’ll probably wear clothes. If we are cold, we’ll put something on.” Cantlon, a practicing nudist, said her mother cried when her daughter took up the…


Fighting flames

In the middle of a warm summer night, Steven Elsbury stood guard over flames that danced among the trees as a wildland fire scorched more than 300 acres of land in north-central Idaho. Elsbury, a University of Idaho student and former firefighter with Clearwater Potlatch Timber Protective Association, arrived about 60 miles outside Orofino, Idaho to fight the Steep Corner Fire in August 2012. The fire began after a small logging accident, and turned into a fatal forest fire. “Being there at night the whole time was a…

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