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“Wounded” soldiers are dragged to safety so other ROTC students can practice giving medical aid.

    Fighting through the night

    Monday, December 1, 2014

    Rain is falling, but University of Idaho’s Professor of Military Science Brad Martin wouldn’t have it any other way. “It’s good for them,” he tells fifth-year senior and Army ROTC’s Cadet Battalion Commander Brad Townsend. Townsend nods. From underneath the camouflaged brim of his cap, his eyes dart to the line of ROTC members perched patiently on the damp grass, listening to a lesson on Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Behind him, tucked away in an envelope of trees, two ROTC seniors show a second group…

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    Cohesion: A profile of a modern family

    Monday, December 1, 2014

    Tiny characters burst and twirl through the small studio packed with parents and family members. Blank ceramic mugs, bowls and plates line the shelves awaiting personalization. Plain wooden figures and paddles hang on a wall in want of color. Moscow Wild at Art is a place characterized by color and creativity.

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Russ Wheelhouse inspects items a customer brought in to sell at his antiques shop on Main Street in Moscow.

    Antiquing History

    Sunday, November 30, 2014

    A man strides into an antique shop armed with a rustic bayonet, a dull machete, a World War II jacket with a dusting of animal fur on it and a stack of eight ornate plates. The man’s son tags along after his father, but soon dawdles off to look at neat things around the shop. 



Diverse Holidays

December is filled to the brim with holidays, including more than just Christmas. Cultures and religions from all across the world celebrate various holidays during the winter month. Christa Abdul-Karim, a University of Idaho anthropology professor, helped explain a few. Dec. 8  Holiday: Rohatsu or Bodhi Days Religion: Buddhism What: The day Buddha reached Enlightenment. Buddhists honor the day with extra meditation, studying religious texts or serving a traditional meal. They also perform kind acts.   Dec. 12  Holiday: Feast Day of our Lady of…


The secret life of Sowa

It’s Friday afternoon and James Brown’s “Super Bad” blasts through the third floor of the Student Union Building. Old vinyl records fill the KUOI studio and all of a sudden, time travel seems real. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.29.08 PM

Coffee Camaraderie

Working as a coffee shop barista is a combination of short, intense customer rushes followed by longer quiet spells. For some employees, the whole process just increases the appeal. 

Leading in law

The certainty of being qualified for prospective jobs became a vital question for Spencer Lay as he entered his third year of law school in 2014. Lay, along with the entirety of Concordia University School of Law student body in Boise, were faced with making the decision of whether or not to remain at Concordia when the school’s accreditation faced an uncertain future. “Once the accreditation became questionable and wasn’t looking like it was going to come through in August, I just wanted to make…

Philip Vukelich | Blot

Within an army

Optimism is Brad Townsend’s mantra. 

Headed for the border

As University of Idaho’s director of tennis, Jeff Beaman was the stabilizing force in UI’s  tennis program for almost a decade. Beaman served as the head coach of the men’s team and supervised the women’s team. He pulled double duty last semester, assuming both the men’s and women’s head coaching positions after former women’s coach Myriam Sopel left to head her own team at the University of Texas El Paso. In a previous interview, Beaman said he rarely spent a weekend at home that semester,…

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